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Connecticut Magazine's BEST OF 2011

Date: 11/9/2011

Connecticut Magazine wrote...

"Family-run for more than 30 years (and built from the ground up by owner and silversmith Martha Couture's husband, Jim), this pictureperfect Victorian shop carries dazzling wheel-thrown stoneware by Kentucky's Blanket Creek Pottery; therapeutic brass, silver and copper jewelry by California's Sergio Lub; fine-cast metal wind chimes and sculptures by Arizona's Harmony Hollow Bell short, look no further for beautiful creations that are also functional, durable, highquality and, most importantly, American-made. Artisan's offers bridal registry, special order and corporate gift services, too." 


We at Artisan's are...

grateful for this award and we continue to work hard to bring you the finest in American hand crafts. The currrent difficult economy has not only put a strain on small business but has really challenged the American craftsmen. Our mission will not change, we will continue to support our talented and hard working crafts community with the hope that we will all survive these current difficulties. We thank Connecticut Magazine for their support and extend our sincere appreciation to all of our dedicated customers. Please share us with a friend so that we may continue on our path and we may all enjoy the success of the American crafts movement. Cheers! 


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